4 types of shoes to wear this winter


4 types of shoes to wear this winter .

Winter is coming and you have to be prepared. In this list we will help yoy choose the best shoes for you in order to keep style and feel comfort, now that you have to leave your symmer shoes.


Flat or with a small heel ballerinas were considered a top choice for many years. Even though their popularity has decreased they still are a very good choice for a casual outfit and the office. In Lou Shoes we have a variety of ballerinas.


Pumps with small heel for the office, for every day, pumps with high heel for the night. Find what feets you and reveal your sex appeal. Dont be afraid tou choose a colour. In Lou Shoes we have the pump you need, you contact us if you need an alteration on the heel.


Boots are considered the king of the winter shoes. There is a great variety on the hight and the heel. Boots will keep you warm and stylish and thats the reason In Lou shoes we make sure you will find the boots that suits you even if you have big or small calf.


In the last years booties are a hot trending. Here you can also find a variety to choose from. In Lou Shoes we have many booties in order to help you find what you need